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The Weirdest Bets In The World

The Weirdest Bets In The World

The gambling industry is massive, and it includes all things relatively normal as well as the weird and wonderful. When thinking about the betting industry, people, as a standard, think about the classic casino games such as slots, poker, roulette, or blackjack, or the popular sports betting activities, such as horseracing or betting on major events like a World Cup.

However, the world of betting goes far beyond that, and there are many strange exotic wagers available for people to bet on. These could be bets between friends or they could be well-established bets, such as those often made available by betting sites focusing specifically on exotic bets. Examples of exotic bets could include things like getting tattoos, travelling to bizarre places, or anything really that could be strange and fascinating. Here are some of the strangest ones out there.

Betting Your Wife

One of the strangest exotic wagers ever made was by Russian poker player Andrei Karpov, who found himself with no money in a game against Sergey Brodov. Wanting to continue playing and unwilling to bet the many luxury items he had on or near him, Andrei eventually decided to bet his wife. He ended up losing the game, and Sergey went to collect his prize. Andrei’s wife, Tatiana, went along with the bet as she felt that her husband haven given her up was reason enough to leave him, and she divorced Andrei and married Sergey.

Getting Breast Implants

Brian Zambic, a gambler in Toronto, made a bet with a friend and fellow gambler, Jobo, that he would receive breast implants and, if he kept them in for a year, he would win US $100 000. Brian did initially not follow through on this bet, but when he ran into money difficulties, Brian found himself a fellow-gambling surgeon willing to agree to the surgery, if Brian would wipe out his debt. Brian agreed and the surgeon proceeded with the surgery. At the end of the year, Brian received his US $100 000 prize, but he chose not to have the breast implants removed.

Getting A New Name

A gentleman from New Zealand made a drunken bet and lost, and was forced to rename himself as ‘Full Metal Havok More Sexy N Intelligent Than Spock And All The Other Superheroes Combined With Frostnova’. The name was legally accepted by the country, and is valid on all his legal and identification documents.

Your Life’s Fortunes

One of the most bizarre bets ever placed was by Ashley Revell, not because his actual bet was bizarre in nature, but because he bet everything he had. Ashley sold all his belongings, accumulated a sum of $135 000, and travelled to Vegas. In front of the cameras from the TV show Double or Nothing, Ashley placed all his funds on the roulette wheel, first choosing to bet on black and then, in the last minute, changing his mind to bet on red. He did end up winning, doubled his money, left the dealer with a $600 tip, and returned home to set up his own internet poker site.

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