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Cannington Greyhound Racing Review

Greyhound racing provides punters with a more subdue alternative to horse racing betting options. Believed to be more opportunistic greyhound racing differs to horse racing in that the outcome is solely up to the runner.

Dogs run at high speeds around the track chasing a lure. The lure travels around the track enticing the dogs, supporting a competitive run. The lure will go about the track up until the finish line, whereby the fastest greyhound dog claims victory.

Punters opting for greyhound racing at Cannington will be delighted with the tracks host of entertainment betting opportunities and promotions available throughout the week.

Cannington Race Track Information 

TABtouch Park Cannington is located at Station Street, Cannington WA 6987. Just twenty minutes from Perth’s city centre, Cannington offers punters a charming modern environment infused with technological features for efficient betting options.

Punters opting for betting options on greyhound racing events at Cannington will be delighted to know that admission on Monday, Wednesday and Friday is free. The gates open at 5:00 pm and races commence as early as 5:30pm.

With a distances comprising of 275, 380, 520, 600 and 715 meters respectively, Cannington racetrack has a circumference of 440 meters and radius of 50.9 meters. The tracks surface is sand, a preferred racing surface for greyhound racing.

Greyhound Racing Pointers

Punters seeking top tips for greyhound racing at Cannington should consider the runners and the track from holistic standpoints when attempting to place valuable wagers.

Greyhound racing is entirely up to the runners and the conditions in which they run. Cannington racetrack is a sublime example of a fast draw track that allows for potential big wins on entry card dogs.

Keep a watchful eye over entry card draws rather than the old favourites with a heavy assortment of titles under their belt. Younger dogs have the ability and stamina to win races.

Track Conditions

Cannington’s surface is sand; punters in quest of valuable wagers should keep a watchful eye on weather conditions as this could directly impact the ground the dogs run on.

New punters should allow for a few races to be run before placing the initial wager, analyzing the track condition and individual dogs’ attributes. Wet weather tends to favour wide runners, with front-runners usually finding slight advantages in soaking wet weather.

Winter conditions, which are below freezing at night, allow the track to tighten up making the ground more solid and stable allowing for greater agility from stronger runners.

Keep Records

Cannington racetrack like all other greyhound racing establishments is imbued with a formula. Some dogs naturally adapt to the tracks formula while others struggle to adhere to it.

By keeping records of different dogs at various tracks, punters can build a database that will allow for better handicapping and more valuable bets on a wider spread of races.

Various Betting Options

Punters have the opportunity to wager on a rich spread of outcomes at Cannington. Bet On dogs to Win, place, show, Trifecta, Exacta, Quiniela, Pick 4 bets, Superfecta, boxing, wheeling and other niche bets gaining popularity.

Available Platforms 

Greyhound racing at Cannington has devoted channels for optimal wagering. Punters can expect to make use of a host of platforms including radio channels, dedicated television programming, phone lines, online websites and land based establishments accepting all greyhound bets.

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