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Why boxing betting is so big in NZ

Why Boxing Betting Is So Big In NZ

Boxing is one of the most unpredictable sports around, one that could change at any moment with no guarantee or even foreshadowing of a certain outcome. It is also seen as one of the most demanding individual sports, and tests each individual’s stamina, speed, and strength, both mental and physical.

It is for this reason that it remains as one of the most popular sports the world over, and also one of the most popular sports to bet on. While there have been many variations of combat sports that have tried to take the place of boxing, none of succeeded. In New Zealand and the world over, betting on boxing still comes out at the top.

The Wealth of Choice

Since boxing in New Zealand is so popular, the greatest challenge sports bettors face is not deciding who they want to place their bets on. Their greatest challenge is selecting the matches they wish to support. Boxing is not only enormously popular in New Zealand but also all over the world, and online bettors can choose a multitude of matches globally to bet on. Bettors are therefore advised to spend a considerable amount of time researching the actual boxing match they want to bet on.

Different Types of Bets

There may be a wealth of choice when it comes to choosing which boxing match to bet on, but bettors choosing boxing as their betting sport are also spoilt for choice in other respects. There are, indeed, many different types of bets that they can place, even within an individual game, making boxing betting enormously exciting and varying.

The classic bet, of course, is putting money on who the bettor thinks will win the game and who will lose. This is known as the straight bet or a money line bet.

There are, however, many variations to this. Bettors can also choose to bet on who they think will win or lose a certain round of the match, select certain over or under bets, and they can even choose to bet on many of the different boxing matches at the same time, betting on a multitude of possible winners.

Prop bets and exotic bets have also become popular in the boxing betting world so as to increase the wealth of bets made available to sports bettors.  Some exotic boxing bets include variables such as how many rounds a fight will last, who will hit the first punch, if there will be a knockout during the course of the game, and etc.

Where to Bet

While there may be a limit to actually watching live boxing matches in New Zealand and betting on these, there is no limit on a global scale. The rise of online sports betting, mobile sports betting, and even live online sports betting has made betting on boxing on a global scale possible, and it has, if anything, increased the number of people betting on boxing matches. Online sports betting sites, no matter in what format, are incredibly accessible to sports bettors based in New Zealand.

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