New Games On The Horizon

I don’t know about you but I am a fan of ancient type games. You know those mummies, dragons or ghosts or stuff like that which don’t exist in this world? So as you know by now that I am a gaming addict or you can just call me a gaming fan. Recently I came across a rather excellent ancient game named dragon city.

dragonDragon City Game is one of the most famous Facebook game built on ancient non existent thing like Dragons. The game has been developed by a famous game development company called Social Point. These guys have got to be super rich as there are 10 million players now. Even though the game had hit it’s peak, there is still a lot of players playing it.

This is a game where you’d start with your own dragon, feed it, grow it and take it to fight other dragons in combat and tournaments. In this game you also have to breed different dragons to get new unique dragons which will obviously have special powers. Check out this quick dragon city breeding guide.

You earn gold in the game through dragons, so the higher the level of dragon, the more you earn. To level up the dragon, you feed it through food made in food farms. You expand your territory to hold more dragons by buying off different islands. An interesting concept of the game is combat, where you fight different dragons using your skills and strategies.

Now that I have discussed about ancient games, there is another interesting game I want to discuss about. But before I go into that game, I am looking at giving some health tips to you gamers as sometimes gaming can be very time consuming and if you are going to play games like that, you may as well require some good education advice which is available at India Edu Portal website.

Are you a fan of role playing games? I remember my school days when I was really mad and crazy about role playing games. In a role playing game, you get to play as someone else which grows stronger and bigger with time. It used to be so much fun. Those days such games were only possible in a computer but now even a simple smart phone can play role playing games like these.

braveToday we are going to discuss about a game called Brave Frontier which is developed by a Singapore based company called Gumi Inc. Now this game is really incredible. I played this game recently and it totally blew my mind and reminded my again my those days when I used to be addicted to such games. Here is a quick brave frontier guide for you. It is basically a game where you try to evolve your characters, level them up and go on a war.You can fight other players of similar levels as yours or you can go hunting monsters in the town which is full of them anyway. Most of these games have a similar approach. You start in a town which is attacked by monsters and so you and other players take up the task of killing the monsters which are attacking your town.

Overall, it is a really fun game to play. There are wide variety of different possibilities you will explore in this game. I am already at level 25 in the game, so go start and catch me.